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 · Lead Recycling Triggers Sustainability at Shooting Ranges. 4 Sep 2012 …. Lead Us Reclaim, started by Gary Frase and Bill Moss, has found success …, there lies plenty of lead shot that is ripe for melting at a local smelter. … which looks like a massive piece of farm equipment, removes the first …. » More detailed.

Protecting Workers from Lead Hazards at Indoor Firing Ranges

Protecting Workers from Lead Hazards at Indoor Firing Ranges Using lead bullets or lead-containing primers at indoor firing (shooting) ranges can expose workers to lead and result in unsafe levels of lead in their blood. Lead enters the body through inhalation or

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Lead contamination of soil at ranges where shooting is over dry land is not necessarily a serious concern. But, problems could develop with the public''s perception of a problem. Contact us today for a quote on reclaiming the lead shot for your gun club or range today! Call John Sims at 765-667-9769 or click here to email John.

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Lead exposure occurs when a child comes in contact with lead by touching, swallowing, or breathing in lead or lead dust. Lead quickly enters the blood and can harm your child''s health. Even after removing lead hazards from a child''s environment, blood levels do not drop right away, so prevention is key.

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Windmill Enterprises specializes in lead shot recovery. We''ll come in, extract the lead and hand you a check. Let us clean up your shooting range with minimal impact to your business. We have all the tools and equipment to get the job done right. Our years of experience allow us to get the most lead in the least amount of time.

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Trap and Skeet - Lead Reclaiming. Lead Reclaiming. Please Contact Us directly to discuss having your shooting range reclaimed.

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 · Range lead is a real good resource for casting lead, but you will have to do some experimenting to get the ratio that gives you the bullet weight and hardness you want. Some say range lead is a waste of time and energy, (LPG, natural gas) compared to WW, but I haven''t found any zinc boolits yet and they all seem to melt about the same rate.

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Tag: reclaiming lead 22 MAR HOW TO RECLAIM GUN RANGE LEAD (VIDEO) Free bullets are left in the gun range backstop. How do you turn these raw expended projectiles into new ones? Check out how one shooter reclaims gun range lead by the bucket ...

Shooting Range Lead Removal

Removing lead in your shooting range is not just about cleanliness but mostly for health reasons. Lead is released into the air whenever someone fires a gun, and it can quickly accumulate in a shooting range the more people fire their guns. When lead gets airborne, anyone is at risk of inhaling or ingesting it.

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 · Posted August 7, 2010. range lead works fine for pistols. If you cast for rifles, you should check the BHN (hardness) and alloy with tin as necessary. don''t smelt too hot and melt in the zinc stuff. (some .22 are zinc) Just a small amount of zinc will f*** up alot of lead. zinc melts at about 790 and lead …

How to Recover Lead from Scrap Batteries

 · The lead in the lead phosphate compound was recovered by leaching with concentrated H2SiF6, and the remaining PbSO4 was then mixed with the battery sludge to recover the lead by the carbonation leaching process.

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 · During our last trip to the Range, we brought back 555 LBS of Reclaimed Range Lead. We use homemade sifters to separate the bullets from the dirt and most o...

Lead Recycling Triggers Sustainability at Shooting Ranges

 · At one shooting range, the 130,000 pounds of lead salvaged would have been worth over $100,000 on the London Metal Exchange. Lead Us Reclaim is a …

Gun Range Clean Up

START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You can make good money cleaning up $0.80 per pound of LEAD and $3.00 per from COPPER from old gun ranges. Most of the values are near or right on the surface making for light excavation cost. We offer clean up equipment to sort clean buck shot and smelters to separate the copper and lead into a sellable product.

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 · I''ll tackle issues that range from reclaiming control of your career to navigating workplace politics as you lead yourself and others to success. I keep current through my work as an executive ...

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 · The key to lead reclamation on either type of range is to separate the lead from the soil and any vegetative debris. Based on our experience, the separation must be done by a system capable of separating lead from soils based on the lead size (using a screen) and on lead density (using a finishing system) to obtain the highest quantity and quality of lead for recycling.

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MT2 will remove, reclaim, and recycle lead from your range, meeting the high levels of OSHA and EPA standards. While maintaining the safety of our gun range, we guarantee to pay you between 60% – 80% of LME for your lead value at the time of service. Indoor Reclamation/ Recycling. Outdoor Reclamation/ Recycling.

Enviro-Metal Lead Shot Reclamation and Recovery Services

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 · Jim, are there major differences in reclaiming lead from a pistol range as compared to a shotgun range? Jim Uhlinger (JU): Yes, the concept is the same at either type of range; we go out, and find the soil that has the lead, separate and concentrate, recycle the lead and, if beneficial, treat and best-manage the soil by putting it back on the range for beneficial reuse.

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 · When the range collects lead shots, he said it is easy to separate the lead from the dirt, and shots typically do not seep into the soil. The EPA also said it is necessary to prevent standing ...

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 · Recycling old lead bullets from range ? I want to start casting bullets for my Vaqero in 45 lc and a 1911 in 45acp . Do they make a good starting point for casting alloy or would I have to add something else ? Would it be ok to melt down the large amount of 38 swc that are at the local range...

Typical Operating Modes for Stackers and Reclaimers

 · While simple to execute, this method can lead to issues of poor blending and product segregation. Cone-crescent stacking is a variation on cone stacking, whereby instead of an initial conical stockpile, the stacker builds an initial short full-width pile, before extending the pile length through a series of crescent-shaped slew and long travel steps.

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> material, there was 64 grams of lead! I doubt that there is much lead in the material > above the target line. The sample was taken at the very bottom, about 5'' below the > target line. They don''t really want the range down for more than a week to do the

Lead-recycling business has more than shot at success

 · By Friday, Lead Us Reclaim had collected an estimated 130,000 pounds of lead at the trap range. If that were sold at recent cash prices on the London Metal Exchange, it …

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 · Reclaiming lead has nothing to do with bringing a gunclub to EPA standards Gene Save Share Reply Z zzt · Registered Joined Jan 29, 1998 · 4,167 Posts Discussion Starter · #18 · Apr 10, 2008 Gene, if I only had to deal with the feds or the state, no prob ...

How to clean reclaimed shot from skeet range

 · I went down to the local skeet range and swept up a couple coffee cans of lead shot off the ground. It has a light grey look to it. Does anyone know the easiest way to get the organic material out of it. I dont want to put that **** in my MECH. Thnks.....

Lead Reclaiming, LLC is a Company specializing in lead reclamation from shooting ranges, with over 10 million pounds reclaimed to date. Our process screens topsoil to remove the lead without the use of water or chemicals. Additionally, we purchase lead that has already been reclaimed. We are currently scheduling shooting ranges …

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We will perform the lead shot recovery in such a way that it does not interfere with your shooting schedule. Upon receipt of payment from the foundry, Enviro-Metal will pay out the percentage to your club or deliver shot for your members to reload, as agreed.

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Lead Reclaiming, LLC is a Company specializing in lead reclamation from shooting ranges. Our process screens the soil to remove the lead without the use of water or chemicals. Additionally, we purchase lead that has already been reclaimed. We are currently scheduling shooting ranges for the second half of 2018 so please Contact Us today!

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lead poisoning due ''to improper ventilation control and high noise levels from poor acoustical treatment of the range. Tn addition to the -lead and noise hazards problems from exposure to carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen, as well as psychological stress


PREVENTING LEAD POISONING WHILE CASTING Know lead properties: Lead melts at 621 F. Fumes are released at 900 F. Lead can be breathed in and also settle on surfaces. Lead oxide (fumes mixed with air) forms a fine yellowish/brown dust. Even with

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 · Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 13, 2014. I have for sale very clean polished reclaimed lead shot in 68 pound USPS flat rate boxes for $98.00 and that includes the shipping. No limit on how many you order. My past customers will tell you that I have the cleanest reclaimed lead shot that they have ever used or seen. Order some and see for yourself.


Reclaiming of lead in form of high purity lead compound from recovered electrode paste slime of dismissed lead batteries and/or of lead minerals Download PDF Info Publication number US7998440B2 US7998440B2 US12/611,630 US61163009A ...

Lead Soil Contamination of Outdoor Firing Ranges

The main concern with lead in outdoor firing ranges is the fate and transport of heavy metals from bullets and bullet fragments accumulating in soil. Of these metals, lead is the predominant contaminant. Lead is considered the top environmental threat to children''s

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Range Recovery Technologies. Range Recovery specializes in Lead Reclamation Projects. We utilize patented equipment, engineered and developed specifically for lead reclamation. Our processes safely and efficiently remove bullets, shot, and fragments from the earth; while also reducing the completion time and project footprint.

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Antimonial Lead. 99% Remelt Sows Lead. Solder-Bar/Wire. Tin. Aluminum. Nuclear Pharmacy Lead Scrap. If you have any of these items, please contact Jay Sandler at (773) 264-5900 or Rhonda Bower at (205) 908-8260, or email [email protected] or [email protected] for the best pricing in …

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Home Page. Matt and Dennis Baker. Baker Farms Lead Reclamation is a Family Owned and Operated Business based in Central Illinois. Call or Email us. We would love to visit your range and discuss a lead recovery program for your gun club. Dennis 217-710-2585. Matt 217-710-2583. [email protected] . BAKER FARMS.

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Lead Reclamation. Each year many thousands of rounds of ammunition are fired into the backstop berms at Cedar Ridge Range. Over time the expended projectiles from many different calibers accumulate within the soils, eventually building up a large amount of retrievable metals (lead, copper, steel, tin, etc.).

Lead contamination in shooting range soils from abrasion of lead …

Lead contamination in shooting range soils from abrasion of lead bullets and subsequent weathering Donald W. Hardison Jr., Lena Q. Ma*, Thomas Luongo, Willie G. Harris Soil and Water Science Department, University of Florida, P.O. Box 110290