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NEMA vs. IEC Norms

Frame Size Designations NEMA IEC Frame Shaft Height (in) Shaft Height (mm) Frame Shaft Height (in) Shaft Height (mm) 63 2.480 63 42 2.625 66.675 71 2.795 71 48 3.0 76.200 80 3.150 80 56 / 140T 3.5 88.900 90 3.543 90 100 3.937

Vamp IED type designation

Vamp IED type designation VTD265.EN011, 10/02/2016 1 (2) Vamp 265 ordering code V265 - - Transformer and machine differential Nominal current, HV & LV side [A] 1 = 1A & 1A 3 = 1A & 5A 4 = 5A & 1A 5 = 5A & 5A Nominal earth-fault currents Io & I''o [A] A

Reference Guide Low Voltage Motors Basics of IEC Motors

Frame Relationships To obtain equivalent HP, multiply the KW Rating by 1.358 To obtain equivalent KW, multiply the HP Rating by 0.7457 To convert from millimeters to inches, multiply by 0.03937 To convert from inches to millimeters, multiply by 25.4

Motor Frame Size

 · The frame sizes that are normally associated with industrial fractional horsepower motors are 42, 48, and 56. For these motors, the frame size designates a particular shaft height, shaft diameter, and face or base mounting hole pattern. Frame designations are not based upon horsepower and speed, so it is possible that a given horsepower and ...

Chassis information and model designations

Model designation 02:00-00 Issue 6 en-GB 3 (11) Power code The power code is an approximation of the power rating in hp net. Type of transport The chassis are divided into 3 different classes (L, D, C) depending on the type of transport for which the vehicle is

NEMA Motor Dimensions

FRAME U V D 2F E 203 204 224 225 254 284 324 324S 326 326S 364 364S 356 365S 3/4 3/4 1 1 1-1/8 1-1/4 1-5/8 1-5/8 1-5/8 1-5/8 1-7/8 1-7/8 1-7/8 1-5/8 2 2 2-3/4 2-3/4 3-1/8 3-3/4 4-5/8 3 4-5/8 3 5-3/8 3-1/2 5-3/8 3-1/2 5 5 5-1/2 5-1/2 6-1/4 7 8 8 8 8 9 9 9 9

Valin Machine Bases and Frames

MACHINE BASES AND FRAMES. MACHINE BASES AND FRAMES. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: 800.774.5630 Designed for rigid mounting of robot system and accessories. Engineered to withstand acceleration and deceleration forces of robot motion. Product Description. BASE FRAME FOR ROBOTIC WAFER HANDLING SYSTEM.

What Does My Pump Motor''s Frame (FR) Rating Mean? …

 · Your pump motor''s frame (FR) rating notes three key parts of your motor''s design which will help you match your current motor to a replacement. The three key parts are: Barrel Size Flange Shape Shaft-End Type As we know from previous blogs and how-to guides, the quickest and easiest way to find your pump''s motor replacement is to input the motor''s, () or number into Inyo''s search ...



How to Read a Motor Nameplate | VFDs

 · The service factor is expressed as a decimal. If you do not see a service factor rating on the motor nameplate the service factor is typically 1.00. Additionally, all motors running on a VFD (even at 60 HZ) will lose service factor and be rated at 1.00. Please consult your manual for more information.

Electric Motor Nameplate Details Explained | Electric …

In-between these two extremes, Class B insulations have an operating temperature rating of 130 0 C, whereas, Class F insulations have an operating temperature rating of 155 0 C. 17 Model Number Normally used to purchase a replacement motor with identical ratings and operating characteristics, the model number of an AC induction motor, or any other electric motor for that matter, is assigned by ...

Inverter Duty Motor Terminology

A motor built in a frame having a continuous rating of 1 HP or more and having a 3 digit frame designation (such as 143, 256, etc.). Intermittent Duty A motor that never reaches equilibrium temperature (equilibrium), but is permitted to cool down between motor is

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 · 2. Collect market reviews and ratings Ok, let''s kick it! Next, we''re going to create an empty data frame that''s going to hold the last 500 reviews that Apple allows us to import. (Spotify has a presence on 65 markets, but for this example, I only used 12 of them).Then ...


designation is appropriate for general traffic applications. Extra Heavy Duty (Airport and Port Authority) ... frame as called for by the FAA Advisory Circular AC150/5370-10A. All airport castings must pass a load test required by the AASHTO M306. Bar Grate 9 ...

AAMA Window Standards / Specifications (and Ratings, Testing)

Product Designation System: New ‟08 Format CW-PG50-H CW = Product performance class (CW took the place of C and HC) PG50 = Performance grade 50, designates Design Pressure (DP) of 50 H = Product type is hung window

ACS550, catalog

Once you have selected the type designation, the frame size (column 8) can be used to determine the drives dimensions, shown on the next page. Construction "01" within the type designation (shown above) varies depending on the drive mounting arrangement, and power rating. 01 = wall-mounted 02 = free-standing Voltages The ACS550 is available in two voltage ranges: 4 = 380 to...


Indicates a small machine having an "F" dimension larger than that of the same frame without the suffix letter "H". (See NEMA MG1 – 1998, 4.4.1 and 4.5.1.) VP -. Type P flange-mounted, vertical solid-shaft motors having dimensions in accordance with NEMA MG 1-1998, 18.237. (The letters "VP" are considered as one suffix and should ...

Which information should be displayed on the machine …

 · The following information should be displayed on the machine plate: The business name. Full address of the manufacturer. Authorized representative. The designation of the machinery. The CE Marking. The designation of series or type. The serial number. The year of construction.

Ampere Frame And Ampere Trip Table team

frame ampere trip table were accessing requires variables to be passed to allow the designation of engineering. Empties qucikly if we dont run for the frame and ampere table advantages and team sports and disadvantages of

Catalog Low voltage Industrial performance motors

4: Frame surface cooled Primary coolant A for air (omitted for simplified designation) Method of movement of primary coolant 0: Free convection 1: Self-circulation 6: Machine-mounted independent component Secondary coolant A for air (omitted for simplified

Electric Motor NEMA Frame Table Chart Sizes

# Discontinued NEMA frame. ** Base of 56HZ frame motors has holes and slots to match NEMA 56, 56H, 143T and 145T mounting dimensions. @ Certain NEMA 56Z frame motors have 1/2" x 1 1/2" long shaft with 3/64" flat.

Requirements for: Basic Fire Door & Frame, …

Where a frame bears a recognized label qualifying it as a fire door frame without an indicated rating, it may support a 3-hour, a 1-1/2 -hour, 1-hour, a 3/4 -hour, 1/3 -hour, or a 20 minute door. Some state and local building codes may require hourly ratings to be indicated on the certification label.

Operating Instructions (Basic) AC Servo Motor & Driver MINAS …

Model Designation Power supply Max. current rating Frame-size symbol of power device Symbol Frame Current rating Symbol Symbol Specifications 3-phase, 400V Symbol Current rating M D DHT24 07E Special specifications (letters and numbers) A5E series ...

Engineering Standards Manual: Standard Drawings & …

 · LANL Standard Drawings and Details either (1) depict required format/content or (2) are templates that are completed by a Design Agency (LANL or external AE) for a design drawing package, in a manner similar to specifications.

Labels for Fire-Rated Frames

 · The rating of the installed assembly should carry the rating of the door or the door frame, whichever is less." And here''s what NFPA 80-2007 says about labels in general: "4.2.1* Listed items shall be identified by a label.


Machine Mitered Face Welded Joint, 28 Corner (Perimeter) Internal Butted Sectional Profile Tolerances 29 Recommended Storage 30 Frame Installation Tolerances 31 APPENDIX Steel Tables, HMMA 803-97 32 HMMA TechNotes

PowerFlex 755 On-Machine Drive Specifications

Voltage Rating Class Code Type z H 0 5, C A V 0 0 C4 z H 0 6, C A V 0 8 D4 Normal Duty Drive Rating @ 400V AC, 50 Hz Code Amps kW Frame 8P7 8.7 4 2 011 11.5 5.5 2 015 15.4 7.5 2 022 22.0 11 2 Normal Duty Drive Rating @ 480V AC, 60 Hz (1)

Zinc-Coated (Galvanized/Galvannealed) Steel Doors and Frames

SDI 112-2008 2 Purpose It is the intent of this document to provide information regarding the zinc-coated sheet used in steel door and frame construction when a requirement for zinc-coated doors and frames is specified. It should be noted that doors and frames of

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At 350–600 horsepower and 509–5013* frame size, it delivers maximum efficiency with minimal complications — not only meeting but exceeding NEMA® and DoE efficiency standards. And it''s built with tomorrow''s technology advancements in mind, so you and your customers are ready for whatever comes.

IEC Reference Designations

 · Reference Designation Example. IEC structuring is hierarchical in nature. For example if switchboard =N-A1 contains a circuit breaker -Q1 then the full designation of the circuit breaker would be =N1-A1-Q1 (or more simply =N-A1Q1). If the same circuit breaker contains a relay -K12, the full reference would be =N-A1Q1K12.

Understanding Induction Motor Nameplate …

 · Frame size — Under the NEMA system, most motor dimensions are standardized and categorized by a frame size number and letter designation. In fractional horsepower motors the frame sizes are two digits and represent the shaft height of the …

Wood Standards

Wood Standards. ASTM''s wood standards are instrumental in the evaluation and testing of the physical and chemical properties of a wide range of wood and wood-based products. Wooden materials covered here include timber, lumber, wood-base fibers, commercial softwoods and hardwoods, wood preservatives, laminated timber, and composite lumber to ...

Lexium 62 ILM

installing the servo solution in the machine frame is reduced by approximately 50%. Lexium 62 ILM integrated drives are the key element in modular machine design. They permit modular design of mechanics, software, and even electronics. This makes

Electric Motor Nameplate Details Explained | Induction …

The RPM rating is the expected speed of the machine when operating at full load and rated voltage and frequency. Changes to the operating voltage or frequency will change the operating speed. The induction motor slows down slightly as the load is increased.

GE Gas Turbine Performance Characteristics

The complete model number designation for each heavy-duty product line machine is pro-vided in both Tables 1 and 2. An explanation of the model number is given in Figure 1. This paper reviews some of the basic thermo-dynamic principles of gas turbine

Motor specifications

 · Each frame size has a specific frame design, set of dimensions, full-load amperage, efficiency, and power factor. See NEMA MG 1 [1] for the details of frame sizes. The motor in Fig. 1 is a NEMA B design and has a NEMA 286T frame designation.

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 · • Manufacturer''s type and frame designation. • Horsepower output. •Time rating. (See MG 1-10.36.) • Maximum ambient temperature for which motor is designed. (See Note I of MG 1-12.43.)

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NEMA Frame Designation Frame Assignments Motor Frame Dimensions Shaded area indicates typical single phase stan-dard squirrel-cage, open type, a-c motors. Balance of table same except three phase, design A and B. When these motors are used


FRAME DE2F H NOP UVAA AB AH AJ AK BA BB BD XO TAP 42 2-5/8 1-3/4 1-11/16 9/32 1-1/2 54-11/163/8 1-1/8 3/84-1/32 1-5/16 3-3/4 3 2-1/16 1/84-5/8 1-9/16 1/4-20 SLOT 48 3 2-1/8 2-3/4 11/32 1-7/8 5-7/8 5-11/161/2 1-1/2 1/2 4-3/8 1-11/16 3-3/4 32-1/2 1

19 Essential Information You Can Find On Motor …

15. Frame The frame size data on the nameplate is an important piece of information. It determines mounting dimensions such as the foot hole mounting pattern and the shaft height. The frame size is often a part of the type designation which can be difficult to